We provide services to diverse industries



We are connecting the education sector using latest technology systems that will allow for schools, colleges and universities to monitor and track their activities and everything that is happening in their environment up to graduate level.



The healthcare sector needs drastic changes, and we are the enablers of technology on this very important sector. We have diverse healthcare systems and applications to be used by hospitals and all clinics at national and regional level.



We provide VoIP products and services that are specifically designed for national and international markets, having established a reputable service that our customers always choose, our VoIP systems are unique.



In the Travel and Tourism industry, we pride ourselves as the provider of all systems and applications needed to run in the hospitality industry as well as in the travel sector. We provide databases that connect this sector with major sectors.



We provide services to the much needed sector that provides us with our daily bread. We have diverse products and services for the agriculture sector. Whether you need to plan ahead and stay upfront, we will guide you until your harvest day.




We care about the environment that surrounds us, and therefore, we provide and promote the use of renewable energy. This sector has long been neglected due to lack of awareness for the free natural energy available to us.




We work with government institutions by providing with them the database systems they need to run the services they provide to citizens. Somali Database is the connector of government to its citizens in all fronts of government departments.

We provide easy to integrate, standard-compliant and high-performance biometric identity management solution for a biometric multimodal system. 

Explore the benefits of Face, Fingerprint and Iris biometric authentication . All the products we use can be used in many industries such as registration and authentication of employees in commercial applications. Built using artificiaal inteligence, enrollments works in easy steps.

Our range of products will attract new and retain existing customers through fast, safe, paperless onboarding and authentication.

Make that choice now, and be ahead of the rest of the herd.


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